Twitter Users Think Donald Trump Just Tweeted A Weird New Rally Chant For Supporters

This one is a little longer than usual.

President Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday morning that “Mexico is paying (indirectly)” for his proposed border wall through the new NAFTA replacement trade deal ― prompting jokes that the president has a new cry for his rallies.

Trump, beginning during his 2016 campaign, would frequently ask supporters at his rallies: “Who’s going to pay for the wall?” They would shout back: “Mexico.” Trump lately seems to have abandoned the promise, and has been demanding Congress give him $5 billion from U.S. taxpayers for the wall.

Trump’s latest tweet doubles down on his claim in last week that money saved from the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement would fund the barrier.

However, the USMCA still needs to be ratified by Congress in 2019, when Democrats, who have said they don’t support the deal as it stands, will be in control of the House. It’s also unclear how the U.S. Treasury will save money with the deal, which instead benefits private citizens and companies.

Trump’s tweet prompted people on Twitter to imagine a new call and response cry at the president’s rallies.