Donald Trump's Old Advice About How To Defeat A Wall Comes Back To Haunt Him

"The Daily Show" resurfaces an old clip of Trump talking about walls.

President Donald Trump believes a border wall can stop undocumented immigrants.

But in a 2004 speech resurfaced by “The Daily Show,” Trump had some different thoughts on walls, at least when it comes to the metaphorical type.

“Never ever give up,” he urged graduates at Wagner College on New York’s Staten Island:

“Don’t give up. Don’t allow it to happen. If there’s a concrete wall in front of you, go through it, go over it, go around it, but get to the other side of that wall.”

Maybe that’s why he recently shifted from a “concrete” wall to one with “steel slats.”

See his full 2004 commencement address here. His comments about walls are at 12:35.

Trump was awarded an honorary degree for delivering the address. Since his election, however, at least 33 Wagner professors and more than 700 alumni have called on the school to rescind the degree.

Wagner has not publicly addressed the matter.

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