Donald Trump Picks Bryan Cranston's Walter White To Run DEA In 'SNL' Skit

"We want to fill this nation with red, white, and a whole lot of blue."

Walter White just wants to “make America cook again.”

Saturday Night Live” took President-elect Donald Trump to task over his questionable Cabinet picks this weekend with a skit in which he appointed Bryan Cranston’sBreaking Bad” meth-dealing kingpin Walter White to head up the Drug Enforcement Administration.

In a parody edition of CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” Beck Bennett as the host asked Kate McKinnon as Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway about his controversial choices for his administration’s top team.

For example: The fossil fuel-friendly Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as Environmental Protection Agency chief.

“Kellyanne, it’s almost like Mr. Trump appoints these people specifically to undermine the very agencies they head,” the spoof Tapper said.

“No, Jake, they are not bad,” replied McKinnon as Conway. “They are alt-good.”

Then came the breaking news that Trump had appointed White, a high school science teacher from New Mexico, to run the DEA. Cranston as White said he knew the agency “better than anyone, inside and out” and revealed that he liked Trump’s “style.”

“He acts first, and then asks questions later,” he said. “I also like that wall he wants to build. Nothing comes in from Mexico, which means a lot less competition for the rest of us.”

And White wholeheartedly agreed when Conway claimed he supported small businesses.

“Oh, absolutely. Donald Trump and I agree. It’s time to make America cook again,” said White. “We want to fill this nation with red, white, and a whole lot of blue.”

Check it out in the clip above.

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