Trump Is Fighting The 'War On Christmas' In July And Twitter Is Fighting Back

"Are we in some bad 'Twilight Zone' episode?"

Call it President Donald Trump’s version of Christmas in July.

While giving a speech in Tampa on Tuesday ― the final day of a month usually linked to beaches and BBQs rather than Santas and stockings ― Trump declared victory in the so-called “war on Christmas”:

“Remember, I said, it’s awfully early to be thinking this, but I always think it. Remember the attack on Merry Christmas? They’re not attacking it anymore. Everyone’s happy to say ‘Merry Christmas,’ right? Merry Christmas! That was under siege. You’d have these big department stores that say ‘happy holidays.’ They say where’s the ‘Merry Christmas?’ Now they’re all putting up ‘Merry Christmas’ again. And that’s because only because of our campaign.”

Trump has referenced the “war on Christmas” throughout the year as well as last year in both July and October.

On social media, however, many weren’t ready to celebrate yuletide with summer still in full swing:

The “war on Christmas” is a long-running conservative talking point that claims the holiday was somehow hidden from view. Trump made the “war” a central part of his 2016 campaign. According to PolitiFact, Trump’s promise to say “Merry Christmas” is one he has kept.

(h/t Mediaite)

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