Trump Just Launched The War On Christmas In May And People Are So Not Having It

Apparently, it's that time of year already.

President Donald Trump opened a new front in the “war on Christmas” by referencing the holiday during a rally in Indiana on Thursday.

Right after talking about borders and declaring that “we’re finally putting America first,” Trump took an unexpected verbal detour:

“And remember the last time I did this ― and this started two and a half years ago when I just started ― people were not saying ‘merry Christmas’ anymore. The big store chains weren’t saying ‘merry Christmas, merry Christmas,’ they weren’t doing it. They weren’t saying ‘merry Christmas.’ Now they’re saying ’merry Christmas’ again.”

Trump has a history of riffing on Christmas at unusual times. He mentioned it at a White House prayer meeting just last week, and last year he referenced the “war on Christmas” in July.

The crowd in Indiana roared with approval, then Trump quickly shifted back into “America first” mode with a line about cracking down on unfair trade. But on social media, people were checking their calendars ― and some put Trump on the naughty list for his out-of-season shoutout:

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