Twitter Users Mock Trump’s Weird ‘Dogs Playing Poker’ Portrait Of Himself

The odd painting shows Trump chilling with Lincoln, Nixon, Reagan and other GOP presidents.

President Donald Trump has an unusual portrait hanging in the White House.

Sharp-eyed viewers of his strange “60 Minutes” interview on Sunday night noticed a portrait on the wall of Trump sitting at a table with other former Republican presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and Richard M. Nixon:

The portrait is one of a number of presidential images created by Andy Thomas, who has painted both Democrats and Republicans. He told Time earlier this year that he considers himself an independent who supported both Reagan and former President Bill Clinton.

Thomas said Trump was “outside the norm,” which made him an interesting subject:

“Is he going to end up going in history as a great Republican or an abnormality or something? So it’s interesting. I just put him at the table, more or less the center of attention. We’ll let history decide. Or let the people decide. It’s not up to me.”

Thomas told The Daily Beast that Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) gave the portrait to Trump. The president later made a “real gracious call” to say how much he liked the portrait.

“He was very complimentary,” Thomas said. “He made a comment that he’d seen a lot of paintings of himself and he rarely liked them.”

Not everyone agrees:

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