The White House Has A Rat Problem And Everyone's Making The Same Jokes

Trump's critics are having a field day over rodent reports.

President Donald Trump called his former personal attorney Michael Cohen a “rat” last year for turning on him. Now, it looks like his White House has a problem with another kind of rat.

On Thursday, Bloomberg White House reporter Jennifer Jacobs tweeted images of rodent traps on the grounds of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.:

Given that the White House is more than two centuries old, Trump is hardly the first occupant to face problems with unwelcome guests. A 2017 report on work orders from the first year of the Trump administration and the final year of President Barack Obama’s tenure found regular issues with cockroaches, ants and mice.

They are old buildings,” former General Services Administration Inspector General Brian Miller told NBC Washington at the time. “Any of us who have old houses know old houses need a lot of work.”

Nevertheless, Trump’s critics on Twitter had some fun at the president’s expense, with many making variations of the same jokes:

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