Donald Trump: Whoopi Goldberg Comments 'Insulting' (VIDEO)

Trump: Whoopi's Comments To Me 'Insulting'

Donald Trump responded to the furor created by his comments on "The View" about President Obama's citizenship--and called Whoopi Goldberg's contention that his "doubts" about Obama had something to do with race "insulting."

Trump appeared on the ABC show last week and set Goldberg off by saying that there was "something on [Obama's] birth certificate that he doesn't like." Goldberg called this "the biggest pile of dog mess I've heard in ages" and asked, "it's not 'cause he's black, is it? ...Because I've never heard any white President asked to be shown the birth certificate."

On Monday's "Fox and Friends," Trump struck back. Asked if his comments had anything to do with race, he said, "absolutely not. I like Whoopi. I've always had a good relationship with Whoopi...but frankly, I mean, I think that's insulting that she brings up--what does that have to do with race?"

Trump said that people "asked John McCain for his birth certificate. They've asked others for their birth certificate. They asked Bush for his birth certificate, by the way...and they would ask me for my birth certificate."

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