Donald Trump Actually Plugged His Winery Right After Defending Racists And Bigots

“Does anyone know that I own a house in Charlottesville?”

President Donald Trump on Monday plugged his winery at his press conference where he blamed “both sides” for white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

As he left the podium, a reporter asked the president if he planned to visit Charlottesville.

“Does anyone know that I own a house in Charlottesville?” Trump responded. “Oh boy, it’s Charlottesville, you’ll see.”

The president was referring to Trump Winery, and said he knows a lot about the city as a result.

Trump called it a “great place that’s been very badly hurt over the last couple of days.”

Then, he boasted of his winery.

“I own actually one of the largest wineries in the United States. It’s in Charlottesville,” he said.

It turns out Trump may not own the winery. And it’s not one of the largest in the nation.

Trump bought the winery in 2011, but has since handed control to one of his sons, Eric Trump, according to The Hill. A statement on the winery’s website says it’s “not owned, managed or affiliated with Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization or any of their affiliates.”

Last year, PolitiFact looked at Trump’s claim that it was the “largest winery on the East Coast,” and found the boast not true in terms of either acreage or production.

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