Trump’s Claim That He’d Be Better For Women Than Hillary Is Stunningly Absurd

He calls women "pigs" and doesn't support paid family leave.

By now we know that Donald Trump will say just about anything to get elected, but his claim that he'd be better for women than Hillary Clinton is a new level of ridiculous.

Trump told the crowd during a speech Thursday night that, "I will do so much better for women."

"You tell me: who's better for the gay community and who's better for women than Donald Trump?" the presumptive GOP presidential nominee asked.

Clinton's response just about sums it up:

Based on remarks Trump's made and policies he supports, we find his claim pretty hard to believe.

1. Trump regularly makes gross, sexist comments.

The businessman received considerable backlash last year when he insinuated that Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly was menstruating while pressing him for answers during a debate. But the sexism didn't start, or end, there.

Last year, he reacted to Clinton's announcement that she was running for president by retweeting a comment that she wasn't fit for the job because she "can't satisfy her husband."

Trump's also repeatedly insulted women's appearances, including calling Rosie O'Donnell "a pig" and telling The New York Times' columnist Gail Collins that she has "the face of a dog."

2. He encourages his fans to be misogynistic too.

Trump's repeated use of misogynistic terms like "bimbo" and "pussy" has trickled down to his fanbase. In the hours after Trump announced he wouldn't participate in a Fox News debate amid his spat with Kelly, she was hit with a barrage of insults from his supporters on Twitter. A Vocativ analysis of those attacks found that most of them invoked the same type of anti-women language that the former reality TV personality uses.

As The Huffington Post's Executive Women Editor Emma Gray puts it, "Donald Trump is giving America permission to hate women."

3. He doesn't support policies that help women.

Clinton has made women's rights a key issue of her campaign, championing equal pay for women and better paid family leave.

Trump, on the other hand, has said that paid family leave could hurt the U.S., despite considerable evidence that it wouldn't.

4. He suggested that women should be punished for having abortions.

He told The New York Times in 2011 that "there are certain things that I don't think can ever be negotiated. Let me put it this way: I am pro life."

Trump took his beliefs one step further this year when he said that "there should be some form of punishment" for women who have abortions. He later walked back his remarks, saying that he meant doctors should be punished for performing abortions.

5. He's been accused of domestic violence.

As recounted in a 1993 book about Trump, ex-wife Ivana Trump accused him of sexual assault during their divorce proceedings. She later said that she didn't mean rape "in the criminal sense," but rather than she "felt violated."

6. His staff treats women poorly, too.

When the sexual assault allegations re-emerged last year, Trump Organization lawyer Michael Cohen said that "you cannot rape your spouse. And there’s very clear case law."

But spousal rape is very much a thing -- and it's illegal in the U.S.

Trump 2016 campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was charged with battery after he allegedly assaulted reporter Michelle Fields. The charges were dropped eventually, but the prosecutor said "there is no reasonable doubt Mr. Lewandowski pulled Ms. Fields back as she was attempting to interview Mr. Trump."

7. He's terrible on LGBT rights, too.

While this article is focused on Trump's terrible record with women, it's also worth noting his opposition to gay rights. He doesn't support same-sex marriage and has even said that he'd work to overturn the Supreme Court ruling that legalized it.

He's also shunned same-sex adoption and, though he doesn't like it, has said he wouldn't fight against North Carolina's law that bans transgender people from using the bathrooms of their choice.

Clinton, meanwhile, supports same-sex marriage and transgender rights and she's vowed to fight to end LGBT youth homelessness and conversion therapy.

8. Women don't actually like him. And neither do LGBT people.

Nearly two-thirds of women said they’d never vote for Trump in a Bloomberg poll released this week. In another recent poll from Gallup, only 18 percent of LGBT respondents reported a favorable rating of the presumptive Republican nominee.

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar,rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.

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