Donald Trump Apparently Thinks Meeting Mass Shooting Victims Is 'Wonderful'

"Are you not aware that you are making unspeakable tragedy sound like good news?"

President Donald Trump totally chose the wrong word to describe his meeting with victims of the Las Vegas massacre.

Trump tweeted on Thursday morning that it was “so wonderful” to greet some of those injured by a heavily armed gunman who opened fire on the crowd at Sunday’s Route 91 Harvest Festival. Nearly 60 people were killed and more than 500 were hurt.

Trump visited Las Vegas on Wednesday. He also met with police officers and doctors who responded to the attack. He said the trip was something he “will never forget.” 

Trump’s use of “wonderful” did not go down well on Twitter. Many people called him out for “making a tragedy sound like good news.”

The president’s ham-handed description comes after Elaine Duke, the acting secretary of homeland security, called the federal response to Hurricane Maria tearing into Puerto Rico a “good news story.” 

A sampling of responses to Trump’s “wonderful” tweet are below: