WHOOPS! Trump Gives 'Total Endorsement' To Some Random Guy In Canada

It's the second time the president botched his endorsement of Troy Balderson.

President Donald Trump endorsed Troy Balderson for Congress in Ohio on Monday.

Just not the one running for Congress. 

In the initial tweet, Trump delivered his “total endorsement” ― not to the GOP lawmaker seeking reelection in the 12th district of the Buckeye State, but to a guy in “Beautiful British Columbia” Canada:

Trump deleted the tweet and issued a new one with the correct tag.

The Ohio Balderson, who won his seat in an August special election by just 0.8 percent, retweeted the endorsement. 

Canada’s Balderson hasn’t tweeted in more than two years.

Over the summer, Trump attempted to endorse Balderson in a special election, but instead accidentally urged people to vote for someone who wasn’t even running. As in this case, he then deleted the tweet and sent out a second one with the correct endorsement.