Donald Trump: Yahoo, Marissa Mayer Are Right; Employees Should Not Work From Home

Donald Trump on Monday tweeted his support for Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's controversial decision to curtail the ability of the tech company's employees to work from home:

Trump is among the few notable public figures to throw his support behind Mayer's ban, which has drawn criticism from businesses big and small. On Monday, Virgin Group founder and Chairman Richard Branson, who apparently isn't a fan of keeping traditional office hours, published a blog post admonishing Yahoo's decision.

"To successfully work with other people, you have to trust each other," Branson wrote. "A big part of this is trusting people to get their work done wherever they are, without supervision ... Working life isn't 9-5 any more. The world is connected. Companies that do not embrace this are missing a trick."

AllThingsD broke the news of Yahoo's work-from-home ban on Friday, when the company sent a memo to full-time employees who work remotely, informing them that they'd need to come in to the office starting in June, or else be fired.

In a follow-up piece, AllThingsD's Kara Swisher reported that the decree would also extend to employees who worked from home only a few days a week.



Yahoo Bans Working From Home