Donald Trump: GOP Has 'Nuclear Weapon' In Fiscal Cliff Talks (VIDEO)

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump said he thinks the debt ceiling is Republicans' "nuclear weapon" in the ongoing negotiations over the fiscal cliff.

"The Republicans have a very strong negotiating position," Trump said on a call to "Fox and Friends" Monday morning. "The debt ceiling's coming up in another month and a half, and the debt ceiling is going to be devastating to Democrats if the Republicans want to play that card."

"The Republicans are sitting there with a nuclear weapon, so to speak," Trump continued.

Trump insisted a deal must be made to avoid the fiscal cliff, but didn't seem as worried as some about the ongoing negotiations.

"I think it's not as big of a deal as a lot of other people think because ultimately something's going to happen," Trump said.

Despite his relaxed attitude about the fiscal cliff, Trump had harsh words for House Speaker John Boehner's "plan B" proposal, which he suddenly pulled Thursday night before bringing the measure to a vote.

"They should go for the big plan, or no plan whatsoever," Trump said.

Trump also criticized politicians who are doing "nice things" with their families during the holidays, saying it gives a "bad signal" as negotiations over the fiscal cliff continue in Washington.