Donald Trump's Campaign Is Oppression

teens against trump
(Damon Dahlen/Huffington Post/Getty Images)

This is a runner-up in our Teens Against Trump essay contest. Read more essays from the series here.

GOP candidate Donald Trump is a man with a loud mouth, but the "majority" that stands with him is silent.

This is because Trump's campaign, down to his outrageous fan base, is founded on oppression.

Trump hopes to appeal to white, middle-class Americans who feel that they are being deprived of their American Dream. He channels their anger and insecurity to target groups of people who do not identify with his extremist principles. That group includes me, too.

I am a woman and an Asian American -- not one, but two minorities. Society has reminded me of this many times. Some people may resort to obvious reasons as to why I don't support Donald Trump. I am young and oblivious, and I probably believe what other people of my race and gender believe.

I chose not to support Donald Trump not only because of my social standing, but because I believe in the American Dream. Trump cannot relate with his primary subjects because he has never had to fight for the American Dream. His start was handed to him on a silver platter. To Trump, his supporters are merely vessels of his greed and lust for power who serve to enrich his ego.

People may like Donald Trump because of his tendency to clearly articulate what he thinks. However, they do not realize that they are extolling an unjustifiable political strategy that plays out like a witch hunt. Instead of trying to impress potential voters with personal charm or campaign promises, Trump goes on to persecute another individual. His audience follows, ruthlessly attacking their target without self-awareness or reasonable motivation. Their scapegoats are stripped of their ability to protect and advocate for themselves. These unfortunate scapegoats include men, women, children, the entirety of the American population. We can all agree that Trump's method turns Americans on Americans. This prevents us from moving forward.

That's the exact opposite of the American Dream.

We hope to progress as a purposeful society, as individuals who seek success and prosperity, fairness and equality, happiness and fulfillment. We also know that America can do much better than Donald Trump. We deserve better.

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