Donald Trump's Challenge to the American People

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"Trumpty Dumpty is headed for a great fall - and I don't mean the autumn season."

-- Swami Beyondananda

As the debate season came to a merciful end last night, Donald Trump offered one last challenge to the American people. By insisting that the election is rigged and that he would have to "suspend judgment" as to whether to concede, he challenged the sane and reverent among us (thank you Caroline Casey for that term) to so overwhelmingly defeat him at the polls that there is no doubt whatsoever of the outcome.

Yes, the system IS rigged. You can read an eye-opening article by my colleague David Swanson (War Is A Lie) that suggests that we impeach the entire impeachable system and proposes a Constitutional Amendment that awakening citizens on all sides can say YES to.

Speaking of eye-opening, the Boston Globe published an article last week entitled, "Vote All You Want, The Secret Government Won't Change". Based on a book by Tufts University political scientist Michael J. Glennon, National Security and Double Government, the article concludes that the forces that run things operate at a "higher pay scale" than even the POTUS. I suggest you read the article, and give the Boston Globe its props for venturing outside the boundaries of Democrat vs. Republican discourse to offer a deeper truth -- yes, THE ENTIRE SYSTEM IS RIGGED.

And ... Donald Trump is the last person in the world qualified to unrig it. To do so would require awakening citizens of both sides of the political divide to come together in respectful conversation seeking to learn from one another and gather around the virtues and values we all agree on so we can hold governance accountable. Darn Old Trump cannot even hold himself accountable. He even blamed his tax evasion on the laws that Hillary (supposedly) helped put in place.

His lack of perspective, knowledge, wisdom and any clue about the Constitution (hey, Donald ... the Constitution calls for an orderly transfer of power) disqualifies him from the office of President, period. As a Bernie supporter from beginning to end, I am well familiar with Hillary Clinton's past. And ... I prefer her past over any future Donald Trump offers.

That's why I signed Stephen Dinan's petition, Evolutionaries for Hillary along with folks like Ram Dass, Jean Shimoda Bolen, Robert Thurman, Dr. Larry Dossey, Dan Millman, Michael Dowd, Marianne Williamson and many, many others who recognize that before we can deal with the chronic issue of a rigged system, we must first be victorious over the acute condition of Trumpery.

At a time when we need unifying leadership to overgrow a toxic, rigged, unworkable, obsolete, and obsolethal system, the last thing we need is a small-minded, even smaller-hearted self-serving divider like Trump. (You can read more about my specific rationale for throwing our weight behind -- and in front of -- Hillary in "lesser of two evils" election to end all "lesser evil" elections).

For those of you who understandably want to cast a vote for Jill Stein who more closely represents your progressive values, I would suggest that at this moment in history the FIRST priority is to push Trumpty Dumpty over the wall, and dispense with once and for all the meanness, heartlessness, and selfish righteousness that has characterized Republicanism over the past half century.

With that acute condition cleared, we are free to call forth -- finally -- the heart and soul and voice of we the people. Thanks to a dominate-or-be-dominated system, the love in our hearts has until now been viewed as a "weakness." In the first months of the new administration, it will become a unifying strength as we do the only thing that will transform our system -- face the music and dance together.