Donald Trump's New Proposed Infrastructure Plan Is A Disaster

Donald Trump ran for the highest office with a very clear message: I’m going to make America great again. I’m going to help the little man/woman. He displayed himself as a political outsider, a tells-it-like-it-is unpolished politician who was maybe a little rough around the edges but who, gosh darn it, had a genuine heart of gold, who cared for the working stiffs, the oppressed, the underdog.

Well, that message of Trump’s has already been proven false, by previous conduct—like his saturating his presidential cabinet with a who’s who of the upper one percent, his gutting Meals on Wheels, his enormous tax breaks to the rich.

This week, however, we can add yet another item of useless political rhetoric to Donald Trump’s massive mountain of lies and deceit, another reason why the carrot-tanned 45th president of the United States is not a true populist, another reason why he doesn’t seriously hold the working class’ best interest at heart, another reason why The Donald has been proven to be just a huge liar, and why his outsider image is a complete and utter sham.

Enter Donnieboy’s new infrastructure plan. What’s a good way to help ordinary American’s make ends meet, what’s the best way to help lighten the heavy financial burden many United States’ citizens have fallen victim to? Increase Social Security? Make the super-rich pay their fair share? Come up with a healthcare plan beneficial to all Americans?

Beep, wrong answer, Alex.

Trump’s “ingenious” infrastructure plan is to construct more toll booths around America, and to further swindle Americans, including his own gullible constituency, who bit into his malarky cake hook, line and sinker.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders had a thing or two to say about Trump’s disastrous infrastructure plan.

Under Trump’s proposal, billionaires on Wall Street, wealthy campaign contributors and even foreign governments would receive hundreds of billions in tax breaks to purchase our highways, airports and water treatment plants. They would then be allowed to impose huge new tolls and fees on the backs of American commuters and homeowners.

Senator Chuck Schumer was also appalled by the plan, stating:

A private-sector-driven infrastructure plan means tolls, tolls, tolls — paid by average, working Americans. It also means that infrastructure that can’t be built with tolls, like repairing our crumbling schools, for instance, will likely get left behind.

Once again, big business flourishes and the little guy hurts. Financiers make out while the underdog has to pay for it.

Feeling cheated yet, Trump voters? You will, once you realize that you, too, will have to to pay exorbitant tolling fees.