Donald Trump's Snake Oil Campaign

Donald Trump officially became the Republican Party nominee for president last night in Cleveland. While this isn't an unexpected development, I was still hoping for some kind of surprise. I was still hoping that one of America's two major political parties could do better than Trump. I was still, unrealistically, hoping that the Trump cancer would just go away.

The Trump train is moving ahead...sort of. Admittedly, I'm not in Cleveland, but the Republican National Convention (RNC) really does appear to be more of a circus that an organized political gathering. Don't worry, Trump's team isn't about to let a plagiarism scandal get in the way of things.

The reality is that Trump's campaign is still both unorganized and unprofessional. Will that ever change? Isn't this sort of chaos yet another reminder that a Trump presidency would be an unmitigated disaster for America and the world?

Trump's deeply un-American candidacy rolls on. Trump's toxic rhetoric and ludicrous (or nonexistent) policy proposals continue. Trump's unremitting, shameless dishonesty seems to have no bounds.

Anecdotally, a good friend of mine is supporting Trump's candidacy. Dear reader, I'm as shocked and disappointed as you are. This individual has (predictably) received some negative feedback from me and some of our mutual friends. Recently, this person requested that I refrain from mentioning his support for Trump on Twitter. Having spoken with him briefly on the phone about this, the rationale is that he's currently looking for a job and believes that keeping a low profile on social media is a prudent course of action. That's a defensible position, but would he really feel the same way if he planned to vote differently?