Donald Trump’s Vision For A 'Great' America? Dumber, Dirtier, And De-Unionized

Donald Trump recently released a list of things he plans on doing when he assumes the presidency on January 20.

Oh, my god. I cannot believe that sentence just came out of my mouth.

Aside from enacting a federal hiring freeze and installing a tanning bed in every room of the White House, Trump is setting out to possibly dismantle the Department of Education, eliminate huge chunks of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and diminish the benefits and bargaining power held by federal employees.

So many things are wrong about this to-do list, I don’t even know where to start.

How about the Education Department?

It’s pretty freaking obvious that this country is in desperate need of better education. It just allowed a bad hair piece with teeth, one who is being praised by the alt-reich and fascists around the world, to become president-elect. We need schooling, and we need it well-funded.

Of course, it’s hard to tell exactly what Trump’s stance is on education, or anything really, since he changes positions with every single 3 a.m. tweet. We do know, however, that he favors private and charter schools. Investing billions of dollars in these types of schools could likely drain resources for public education, and it’s obvious that system is already in dire straits in many communities around the United States.

More frighteningly (if anything can really be more frightening than this man in the Oval Office) is Trump’s likelihood of making massive cuts from the Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights. This branch oversees the proper implementation of policies such as Title IX, the federal law that governs gender equity in education.

President Obama did a great thing by calling for better enforcement regarding this law because of the recent and tragic increase in sexual assault across college campuses. This requires more people being hired at universities, which Trump opposes since he says colleges already face too many bloated costs with highly paid administrators.

No surprise here considering Trump thinks we’re all paid too much, and let’s not forget he is also totally cool with sexual assault, based off of his own admissions, behavior, words, and hot mic revelations.

As if this all wasn’t bad enough, the demagogue is no fan of trying to curb climate change.

It’s a Chinese “hoax” after all.

The Environmental Protection Agency plays a vital role in helping to slow the threat of global warming. They do so by enacting regulations to protect the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the soil in which we grow our food.

According to Trump and almost every other GOP politician who takes part in big business, these regulations hurt companies financially.

Aw, those poor Fortune 500 companies having to put some money towards saving the earth instead of towards paying for high-class hookers.

They’re suffering so much, in fact, that Trump can’t decide whether or not to keep the EPA at all. Once again, his tone on this changes every day, unlike his face tone which remains a consistent vibrant orange.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will. Gutting the EPA would be an absolute disaster for the already crumbling Mother Earth. It doesn’t take a scientist to see that.

Trump apparently also thinks it doesn’t take a scientist to run the EPA.

Meet Myron Ebell, the man Trump chose to lead the Environmental Protection Agency transition team.

Ebell is a renowned lobbyist and climate change denier…taking the lead on the environment…

You know who I want to run my slaughterhouse? The vegan down the street who doesn’t believe in eating animals. Makes sense, right?


Another thing that absolutely makes no sense is the swarm of union members, mostly in manufacturing, who cast their ballot for Trump.

Trump loathes unions.

The man won’t even negotiate with his workers in Las Vegas who voted to join one. He also plans on placing a ban on union business on the government’s dime and wants to strip away the pensions earned by federal employees.

Adding insult to injury, the president-elect plans to nominate Scott Walker to head the Department of Labor.

Remember ole’ Scottie? He’s the governor of Wisconsin who is famous for union-busting and for making workers pay more into their pensions and for their health care. This is the guy who will be writing the playbook for the labor movement across the country.

So all in all, it appears Trump’s idea of making America great is by making it deplorable.

I could go on and on about the endless stinking pit that is Trump and his plot to run this country into the ground for his own financial benefit and ego boosting, but my time is up because I need to check Twitter to see which Broadway musical the petulant bully is picking on today.