Donald Trump Goes After WSJ 'Dummies' For Criticizing His Debate Performance

There's nothing like a ticked-off Trump tweeting.
Donald Trump was less than pleased with a Thursday WSJ editorial.
Donald Trump was less than pleased with a Thursday WSJ editorial.

Donald Trump came out swinging at The Wall Street Journal Thursday after the paper ran an editorial questioning how knowledgable the presidential contender was about certain topics that came up during Tuesday's GOP debate.

In a series of tweets, Trump fired back at the paper for portraying him as uninformed about the Trans-Pacific Partnership during the debate, which was sponsored by the WSJ and Fox Business Network and included WSJ Editor-in-Chief Gerard Baker as one of the moderators. In an article published Thursday, the paper wrote:

Mr. Trump called it a “terrible deal,” though it wasn’t obvious that he has any idea what’s in it. His one specific criticism was its failure to deal with Chinese currency manipulation. But it took Rand Paul to point out that China isn’t part of the deal and would be happy if the agreement collapsed so the U.S. would have less economic influence in Asia.

Trump defended himself, saying the paper should have reached out to him for comment or clarification.

Wall Street Journal Editorial Page Editor Paul Gigot defended the piece.

"We stand by the editorial, which is accurate, though Mr. Trump is welcome to write a letter to the editor in response," he said in an emailed statement to HuffPost. "On Tuesday we published his op-ed on China's currency policies." 

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