#DonaldTrumpsDiary Reveals Lavish and Crazy Musings

"Draft dodging and bankruptcy" -- that's what I hope Megyn Kelly reminds herself of any time Trump or his asinine comments arise. No matter which low blows and off-color remarks Donald Trump makes, no amount of loud talk or name-calling can erase his incredible list of failures. This is an angry man who calls anyone who challenges him a "loser," even though he's the one with the well-documented history of throwing in the towel. On Monday I started the hashtag #DonaldTrumpsDiary with confidence that the responses would be a show of support for Megyn, and that a big trend may even lure a sincere apology from the failed airline owner/vodka entrepreneur/mortgage lender himself. The ball was in Trump's court, but he never played. Fortunately, Twitter did. Here are a few of those hilarious leaked entries from the baby seal skin diary that Trump had hidden behind his sons' trophy hunting photo; until now.

We had no idea Trump was such a huge 1D fan! If he's the incredible negotiator that he claims to be, maybe he should focus on getting Zayn back.

His frustration at being called sexist was evident.

Trump wasn't hesitant to talk about his romantic side.

He even noted his struggle to expand his gambling pursuits.

Some people flipped back the pages of Trump's diary and found some wonderful entries.

He dislikes what he does not understand.

At the end of the day, his writing revealed that he may even have to compromise if he wants to be the next POTUS.

I do not believe that "all press is good press." If this were true, then Bill Cosby would be selling out stadiums. Trump got taken down a peg and that's terrific. Do we really want someone in the White House who disrespects women, fears immigrants and thinks the key to winning an argument is raising your voice? Trump isn't just a contender, he's a threat, and his loud, rude attitude could potentially represent the country.

If you want to make America great again, a bully is not the answer.