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Donation Page For Transgender Girl Scout Bobby Montoya's Troop Set Up By TransYouth Family Allies


Controversy erupted in October when Bobby Montoya, a 7-year-old transgender girl, joined a local Colorado Girl Scout Troop.

While many lauded the Girl Scouts for allowing Montoya to be a part of the organization, others were outraged by the move.

One particularly angry voice came from a 14-year-old Girl Scout known only as "Taylor from Ventura County, Calif" who uploaded a video to YouTube outlining the reasons why Montoya should not have been admitted into the troop and calling for a boycott of the beloved annual Girl Scout cookie sale in hopes of seeing the organization reconsider its decision.

Taylor's video sparked even more controversy and while some, like reality star Jim Bob Duggar, agreed with the disgruntled 14-year-old, scores of others showed their support for Montoya and the Girl Scouts.

During this debate the one thing we heard the most from our readers was that they wanted to find a way to buy cookies from or donate directly to Montoya's troop.

We were unsure if this was possible or how to go about getting setting up a connection with the Girl Scouts in Colorado, but over the weekend a reader sent in a link to the TransYouth Family Allies, which has created a way for people to donate to Montoya's troop.

"Any donations made online will go toward cookies that will be distributed to their hometown charity, Mount Saint Vincent Home, which has assisted over 18,000 abused and neglected Colorado children since 1883. Proceeds will also go to Boots on the Ground, which distributes Girl Scout Cookies to active-duty military servicemembers."

So, while you yourself won't actually receive any cookies, your donation will directly support Montoya's group and will buy cookies for both Mount Saint Vincent Home and Boots on the Ground -- so you can feel good about giving to some great causes (and saving your waistline a little grief).

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