Donations To Ian's Pizza On State Street Help Feed Teachers' Protest In Madison, Wisconsin

Hundreds Of Pizzas Donated To Feed Wisconsin Teacher Protesters

Fueled by worldwide donations, hundreds of pizzas have been delivered to the teachers' strike in Wisconsin, reports the Daily Cardinal.

After HuffPost's coverage of the initial donation of pizzas on Feb. 16, Ian's Pizza received a flurry of calls. Jack Thurnblad, assistant manager of the pizza parlor, told the Cardinal that the phone hasn't stopped ringing since.

"I think right now we've delivered 500 [pizzas] and we have 575 more to go with phone calls still coming in."

Donors have called in from 10 countries, including South Korea, Egypt and Denmark. On the home front, Ian's Pizza reports that money has been sent from 43 states.

Ian's Pizza is currently using both Twitter and Facebook to promote their donations. Ryan O'Connor told Politico that they wanted to give credit to those that were donating without fanfare.

"We made a post to our Facebook page because of the volume of calls we already had been getting unprompted."

Even so, Ian's Pizza maintains that they are politically neutral. Thurnblad told the Cardinal:

"We are supporting the people by giving them food, but not making any political statements or cash donations."

Others have made food donations in their own ways. Time Magazine reports that some volunteers have wandered the halls of the State Capitol buildings, passing out organic lolipops and sandwiches to the teachers on strike.

To make a donation to feed a hungry teacher on strike, visit the "Welcome" page on Ian's Pizza's Facebook account.

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