Donkey Dumping On The Rise As Drought Hits Texas (VIDEO)

Spare a thought for an unlikely victim of the drought that is plaguing Texas this year - the donkey.

Donkey abandonment is on the rise in the Lone Star state, with cash-strapped owners abandoning the animals in droves.

Nonprofit Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue is currently housing 500 rescued donkeys in Texas, its highest total ever. This compares with about 100 reported cases of donkey abandonment nationally last year.

The organization says that the spate of donkey abandonments may be being spurred by their low market value.

As in many states, when an animal is taken to auction it must have a blood test performed to ensure that it is negative Coggins. This test costs between $15 and $25. Jacks and Geldings seldom fetch even $5 at most auctions thereby costing the owner more money to take the animal to auction than the animal is worth.

My San Antonio.com reports that Texas alone has brought 500 donkeys into Peaceful Valley's care since March, that's 100 more donkeys than the organization rescued nationally last year.