Don’t Even Bother Trying To Beat This Guy At 'Donkey Kong'

It’s probably impossible.

Wes Copeland has not only obliterated his previous "Donkey Kong" world record, but he may have achieved the classic 1981 video game's highest possible score.

He scored 1,218,000 points after three hours and 17 minutes of arcade cabinet play on Thursday, beating the world record of 1,195,100 points he set last month.

Some video game experts have called Copeland's marathon effort, which broke records on all gaming platforms, "the perfect game."

And so he has quit.

"New world record! This will be my last record score… I don't believe I can put up a game any higher than this," the video gamer from Concord, Massachusetts, posted to Facebook.

"I've stopped playing because I think if I sat down and played every day for the next five years, I still don't think I'd be able to beat this score," he told entertainment website IGN. "It's the equivalent of playing poker and being dealt 10 royal flushes in a row."

Is Copeland just being pessimistic?

Probably not, according to the unofficial DonkeyKongBlog, which described him as having "stormed through Donkey Kong's defensive artillery in truly spectacular fashion."

Wired UK echoed the sentiment, while gaming website Polygon went as far as to say the hunt for the best "Donkey Kong" gamer of all time could be over.

Copeland posted footage of the game to YouTube on Friday. Watch how he played the game here:

Copeland's rival, Robbie Lakeman -- with whom he has exchanged the world record a total of five times in the last 18 months -- appears to agree.

"I'm not lucky enough," Lakeman said about equalling or bettering his opponent's feat, according to Polygon. "Good enough, but not lucky enough."

Copeland has also tried to clarify the "mis-information" on websites reporting that he completed the game without losing any lives. A viewer pointed out that the player appears to lose a Mario three hours, 12 minutes and 45 seconds into his game.

Players usually don't have control over when their character dies, Copeland explained -- and because he took his very first man to the final barrel board, he could sacrifice his remaining players to earn almost 40,000 so-called death points.

Good job, Wes!

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