This Beautiful Island In The Caribbean Is Completely Filled With Jackasses

This Island Is Full Of Jackasses

When you're one of the many people traveling to Bonaire for its stunning diving and snorkeling opportunities, you might want to take a moment to remain on land.

The Dutch island nestled in the Caribbean is home to the Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire, a home to hundreds of donkeys in need.

Donkeys having been living in Bonaire -- an island close to Venezuela -- for hundreds of years. First brought over by the Spanish, donkeys were used for manual labor in the salt trade, but released and set free when technology improved. Today, donkeys roam the island, where they are generally threatened by cars and a lack of food and water. Once they are injured or in need, they're transported to the Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire.

According to the Sanctuary's website, it helps "injured, ill, abused and orphaned donkeys" feel safe and live their best lives. The oasis was founded by Marina Melis and Ed Koopman, a Dutch couple that provides the animals with food, permanent shelter and medical care. As of 2015, there were rumored to be about 400 donkeys living there.

When visitors are done hanging out with their donkey friends, Bonaire also makes for a wonderful spot to horseback ride, hike or check out some pretty stunning caves.

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