Anyone Who Makes Their Donkey Smoke Is The Real Ass

The owner claims the donkey likes to smoke when it's in a bad mood.

An ass-inine video taken June 13 in Zhangye, Gansu Province, shows a man putting a large cigarette into a donkey’s mouth.

According to the video description, the supersize cancer stick is actually made out of firewood, not tobacco (not that it’s healthy to smoke a foot-long cigarette of anything).

The unnamed man insists the donkey enjoys “smoking,” saying that it calms him down when the animal is in a bad mood.

As you might expect, animal experts think what the man is doing to the donkey is a terribly bad idea.

Daniella Tessier, who runs Peace Ridge Sanctuary in Penobscot, Maine, said equines are especially sensitive to smoke inhalation and that the lung tissue of horses and donkeys is even more delicate than humans.

“It is apparent from reviewing the video that the man has trained the equine to stand and allow this,” Tessier told HuffPost. “Equines can be very astute when it comes to pleasing their guardians. However, if someone followed up down the road, I bet that animal will have died from a serious lung infection or from advanced lung disease. That kind of death, especially without veterinary assistance, will likely be quite painful.”



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