99-Year-Old Wins Shopping Spree At 99 Cent Store, Buys Gifts For Kids In Need

Now THAT's how you celebrate a birthday.

This nonagenarian's birthday involved a lot of presents -- but they weren't for her. 

Donna Goldstein, 99, won a shopping spree at a 99 Cents Only store right outside Beverly Hills, California, KTLA 5 reported. The senior didn't use the shopping spree, which took place on her birthday this past Thursday, to treat herself, however. Instead Goldstein used the opportunity to load up on stocking stuffer gifts for kids in need. 

“I’m going to cry I’m so happy," Goldstein said during the event, according to KTLA 5

During the shopping spree, Goldstein was given an hour to choose the items she wanted. Along with stockings, she picked out both essential items like toothbrushes and socks and fun gifts like holiday candy and Christmas ornaments. Desiree Anderson, the PR and marketing coordinator for the 99 Cents Only store, told The Huffington Post that Goldstein had a blast during the event. 

While Goldstein used the shopping spree to give back to others, the staff at the store gave a little back to her, Anderson told HuffPost. The employees got Goldstein cake, balloons and flowers and of course sang her "Happy Birthday." 

Though the act is a hugely generous one, it's nothing new to Goldstein. In fact, the nonagenarian put together Thanksgiving baskets for the holiday to give to families in need. Her generosity is why she was chosen as the winner of the shopping spree in the first place, Anderson said. 

Anderson told HuffPost that the chain sent out a request on its circular, asking customers if they knew anyone who was turning 99 this year to treat to a shopping spree. The company received the names of seven senior citizens and after speaking with Goldstein and learning about her compassionate intentions, the store chose her as the worthy winner. 

Goldstein's filled stockings will be distributed to kids in need through her church. 

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