Donna Mills, Former 'Knots Landing' Star, Looks Amazing At 71 (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: How Former 'Knots Landing' Star Donna Mills Looks Now

Donna Mills has found the fountain of youth.

How else can we explain how the former "Knots Landing" star looked so good at a Hollywood event hosted by Brett Ratner and Warren Beatty on June 16.

The 71-year-old actress recently returned to television with a guest-starring role on ABC's short-lived comedy series "GCB," but the severe makeup and costuming didn't quite do her justice.

"She's aging very gracefully .. but, I suspect, with a little help from plastic surgery," Dr. Anthony Youn, a celebrity plastic surgeon who has not treated the actress, told the website.

Plastic surgery or not, Mills looks great!

Donna Mills then and now:
donna mills before after

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