Donna Tartt Interview: Bestselling Author Discusses 'The Goldfinch' In Rare TV Appearance (VIDEO)

WATCH: You Don't Want To Miss This Epic, Inspiring Donna Tartt Interview

Yesterday, author Donna Tartt spoke to Charlie Rose on "CBS This Morning" about Tartt's new novel, "The Goldfinch."

She notes, "The journey that I want to take the reader on always is the journey that I loved most when I was reading as a child: just this galloping, gleeful, you-don't-know-what's-going-to-happen-next."

In the video, they also go to visit the actual painting, "The Goldfinch" (the novel is based around this painting), which is currently, conveniently on display at New York City's Frick museum. She says the painting is "the guiding spirit of the book."

Tartt discusses how long it takes her to produce her work (about 10 year per book), and the toils of writing very long books in complete solitude. She says, "You have to understand, when you're a writer, there's no one coming in at the end of the day, saying, 'Wow, that's a great passage you just wrote!'"

In addition, she states, "I've tried to write faster and I don't really enjoy fun for the writer, no fun for the reader."

Tartt said so many gems during this interview that we couldn't capture them all in text. Check out the full segment above!

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