Donnie Yen Destroys #BottleCapChallenge While Blindfolded Because He's Donnie Yen

Well, he *is* Ip Man.

Call him grandmaster Ip Man

Donnie Yen, a martial arts icon who’s best known for portraying the legendary Wing Chun master and teacher of Bruce Lee, just participated in the #BottleCapChallenge — and killed it.

For the challenge, participants attempt to unscrew the cap off a bottle with a spin kick while ensuring the beverage itself doesn’t move. 

Of course, Yen gracefully and successfully did so. Blindfolded. 


Many other celebrities have attempted the challenge, from MMA champion Max Holloway to John Mayer. 

But no one’s mastered the already-challenging task blindfolded.

So Yen has won the game. Everyone else can go home.