Why Donny Deutsch Firmly Believes Women Are 'Superior' To Men

"They bring so much less stupid, egotistical, emotional baggage."

The life of former ad exec-turned-TV-personality Donny Deutsch is filled with powerful women, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Deutsch, who plays a fictionalized version of himself in USA Network's  "Donny!," explained to HuffPost Live on Monday that, like his TV show character, he purposefully leans on the women around him for support.

"I believe women are superior to men. Most of the important people who have been powerful women in my life -- my mother, my sister, most of my partners at my agency -- were women. I have these three amazing daughters. I have these assistants that run my life. So I’m a big believer in female superiority," he said.

Deutsch wasn't shy about his thoughts on the "superior" gender, either. According to Deutsch, men and women are innately different, and he values the female perspective more.

"Give me a male or a female of the same talent, every day I’ll take the female. And if you watch a … toy commercial for a boy or girl, it's always very formulaic. If it's a little commercial for a girl's game or toy, three girls play collaboratively and they giggle," he said. "If it’s a toy for a boy, at the end somebody goes, 'I won.' And with us stupid guys it's always a zero-sum game. … Powerful, smart women work, they want to get the job done, but they bring so much less stupid, egotistical emotional baggage to the table."

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