Donovan McNabb Sentenced To 18 Days In Jail For 'Extreme DUI'

It will be his second time in jail as a result of a DUI.

Former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb was sentenced early Friday afternoon to 18 days in jail after pleading guilty to an “extreme DUI” charge stemming from his car crash and subsequent arrest last June in Arizona, according to TMZ. 

At the time of the June 28 incident, McNabb reportedly had a blood alcohol level of .17. The legal limit for a driver is just half of that, at .08.

Following his 18 days in county jail, McNabb will have to spend over two months in home detention, receive counseling, complete 30 hours of community service and pay $6,342.23 as a result of the DUI.

This is the not the first time McNabb has been found driving under the influence: The ex-NFL player spent one day in jail about 18 months ago after his first DUI charge in late 2013.

On the night of his most recent arrest, McNabb told police that he was not drunk, despite the fact that cops discovered a bottle of tequila in his trunk and he had just rear-ended another vehicle.

"While Donovan spoke, I noticed a strong, fruity odor on his breath. I noticed Donovan's eyes were watery and very bloodshot and his speech was slurred," an officer wrote in the incident's police report, per ESPN.

McNabb explained away the “suspicious scent on his breath” by saying that he had recently taken medicine for a cold.


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