Don't Accept the Status Quo

Why is it that so many people are happy accepting the status quo? Why do many of us find contentment tolerating what others consider normal and conventional?

One of the worst beliefs we as human beings embrace is that our current lot in life is our eternal lot. We simply accept the circumstances in which we find ourselves; and we are truly content with those circumstances.

This mentality of acceptance is ingrained in many of us from the time we are young. Children in our society experience a limited ability to inquire about the reasoning behind decisions that affect them, but are expected to become content with such decisions. They are denied the opportunity to ask the all-important question, "But why?"

I believe we are on this earth with a purpose; and I don't think that our purpose is to go through life in passive agreement to the rules, whims, and norms of our society.

A considerable percentage of Americans accept a paycheck that's just enough to keep their lives content: just enough for their rent or mortgage, just enough for that car note, just enough for groceries to feed the family. Most dream of more, but are afraid to chase the dream. Some think of how they would achieve it, but are fearful of the initial risk -- being non-content -- while others are just uncomfortable with the idea of rejecting the status quo and potentially being labeled "ungrateful."

What if Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had simply accepted the status quo and allowed his dream to be silenced by fear? He wouldn't have been able to fulfill his purpose and lead a movement towards the achievement of a dream. It is high time that we push through our fears and anxieties and begin to work towards achieving what we are purposed to achieve. Let's be grateful for the dreams we have and the ability we have to obtain them.

We each have our own "I have a dream" speech; and it is important that we fight for our dreams. Even when we have achieved one dream, we should not become content because we have more dreams to fight for. This is the difference between the successful and the non-successful: the successful fight to achieve their dreams no matter their current position, while the non-successful just accept their lot and remain content.

I started a business at 12 years old. Now, I consult celebrities. I spoke to more than 25,000 people in 2014, and have already spoken to more people than that this year. There's nothing "status quo" about that!

If you are going to reach your dreams, you first have to identify them. Be comfortable with the discomfort of going against the grain and not adhering to the status quo. Don't listen to the "you're just ungrateful" or "do you think you're better than everyone else?" statements. Fight to achieve the dreams you've identified. I repeat. Fight to achieve the dreams you've identified!