15 Weird Questions Brides Were Actually Asked Before The Wedding

15 Weird Questions Brides Were Actually Asked Before The Wedding

The weeks leading up to the wedding can be crazy -- stress levels are high, money is low and free time is all but non-existent.

On top of that, there are all the weird and occasionally prying questions from friends, family and coworkers about your relationship and your wedding plans. A recent Reddit thread asked users to share the strangest questions they were asked while planning the big day. We then posed the same question to HuffPost readers and compiled the oddest ones below.

2. "Because our engagement is going to be a little over two years, people say, 'Well, what happens if you guys break up before the wedding date?'"

3. "I had a bridesmaid ask if it was okay if she got PREGNANT before the wedding! I was like, 'Of course, it is! I'm not going to keep you from having a BABY!' For Pete's sake!" - Redditor LasagnaLasagna

"I was going to keep this as a surprise, but I didn't want to be rude and assume it'd be OK, so wanted to run it by you both. How do you feel about me
? Honestly. If it's not OK, that's totally fine and I understand. It's y'all's day so I don't want to do anything that will be dumb or annoying." -
Redditor vgalz
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5. "My sister is getting married this September, and my wedding is next June. 'Why don't you just do a double wedding?' is a question we've been getting a lot." - Redditor Jafarah

6. "From my mother-in-law: 'Why didn't you invite the groom's first ex-girlfriend? She is such a nice person!'"

"A very good friend asked me
after the wedding. My response was, 'Have we met?'" -
Redditor floonis
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8. "I had one of my bridesmaids ask me if I'd be okay with her getting a large, very visible trout tattoo on her forearm before the wedding. This would be a perfectly rational, normal question except for the fact that I have a half sleeve and four other tattoos that will be seen while I'm wearing my strapless wedding dress. Kind of funny, but ultimately very sweet of her." - Redditor cosmokramerpupper

9. "'Can we change the date? It conflicted with another wedding that weekend.' Um, no!"

"The photog taking engagement pics
. We were holding hands but looked related I guess?"
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11. "My grandma asked if we were just going to have a backyard reception with Costco pizzas and potato salad. I don't think she's familiar with the new-age weddings that aren't just cake and coffee receptions in a church. Not a damn thing in this world wrong with Costco pizza, though." - Redditor Kagers

12. "My aunt asked, 'Are you driving me there?'"

"Here's one I've gotten a lot:
Now keep in mind, I have worn glasses EVERY day since I was 12. I'm not going to change how I look completely and be blind all day just because you think it would look better in pictures." -
Redditor weddingplann
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14. "Why don't you get married in April instead of June -- it's a more convenient time for us to travel."

15. "I had someone ask if they could wear a costume, complete with fishnets, since they 'knew we were keeping it casual.' Just because we said we didn't mind if men didn't wear jackets or ties doesn't mean all decorum and class goes out the window!"

*Some responses have been edited/condensed.

This article has been updated to include additional sourcing information.

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