Don't Be This Guy Who Asked His Job Interviewer Out On A Date

Nope, nope and more nope.

Pro tip: Job interviews are job interviews, not opportunities to find love. 

Product designer Katarina Batina tweeted a screenshot of an email she received from a man asking her on a date. Ordinarily, asking a woman out via email wouldn’t be problematic, except that Batina had just interviewed this particular man for a job. And she’s not even interested in men. 

The tweet has been retweeted more than 1200 times, and has received dozens of replies. Many of the replies are from men who seem incredulous about Batina’s assertion that the email was a form of harassment.

From there, the responses went in all sorts of directions.

Some people explained why asking someone out after they interview you for a job is indeed inappropriate:

 Others took issue with the fact that Batina was frustrated by the incident at all.

Overall, the exchange and its aftermath can pretty much be summed up by this screenshot:

Stick to Tinder, friends. Or, you know, maybe just don’t try to date someone who just interviewed you for a job. Not only will you probably not get hired, but you’ll also have seriously crossed the line of appropriate workplace behavior. 

We’ve reached out to Katarina Batina for comment and will update this piece accordingly. 



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