Don't Be a Tactless B*tch and Other Tips for Great Style

The only reallyis making someone else feel bad about whatwearing. Let's cut out thisadult bullying nonsense.
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The finest in fashion flock to New York, where city sidewalks are real life runways. Here, hipster meets haute couture and the entire style spectrum is celebrated.

But with all the diversity and off-the-wall style genres this PC city, how is it that so many of us snidely undercut one another's fashion choices? I'm not talking style blogs and tabloid chatter. I mean real-life, everyday men and women making condescending remarks back and forth over fashion choices.

Now I love flipping through Vogue and trying on sparkly dresses as much as the next girl, and I'll never be caught dead in Crocs or paisley print. However, I don't see it as my place to insult anyone rocking what I might consider to be a fashion faux pas.

So here, fine folks of Gotham, are some fashion laws by which we should all abide. (Lady Gaga would want it this way.)

1. Accept Ghosts of Fashion Past -- Yeah, Uggs were cool when I was 15 and middle America was horrified by them. Have they jumped the fashion shark? Most definitely. This doesn't mean you need to condescend those a decade behind you in footwear, or any passé trend.

2. Grow a Pair -- There's no innocence in telling your frenemy she looks "comfortable" or "really tired." Tell her she looks like hell and to go back to bed. Backhanded compliments are for the spineless.

3. Don't Be Openly Judgmental -- You wouldn't tell your coworker she was morbidly obese, had a jarring physical deformity, or smelled like tuna. So why, even disguised with laughter, do you think it's okay to mock her handmade snowman tunic? Just shut up.

4. Agree to Disagree -- There are no fashion laws, only guidelines. If your hairdresser wants to wear white after Labor Day and crimp her hair, how does that concern you? You might vehemently oppose her badass style choices, but your snarky, self-esteem busting comments are pointless and spiteful.

5. Realize Maybe You're Not That Important -- Did your perma-fixed friend greet you in sweats, glasses and no makeup? It's probably not that she's let herself go. She just didn't deem seeing you an occasion worthy of her Sunday finest!

6. Look in The Mirror -- Do you like what you're wearing? Are you comfortable with the way you're presenting yourself to the world? Well so are the people you're insulting. You're not Anna Wintour, honey. So unless you're outright asked for your expertise, you're not in a position to be casting criticism on anyone else.

7. Stop Being So Damn Insecure -- Why is it you're ragging on that cute blonde for wearing open-toed shoes in the winter? It's not because you're sooo offended by her perfect pedicure! It's because you're so insecure with yourself and desperate to find even a superficial flaw in the competition.

8. Quit Being a Tactless Bitch -- The only really bad fashion is making someone else feel bad about what they're wearing. You might hate his fedora or skinny jeans, but know he spent time, money and effort picking those out. So bite your tongue, and let him keep being happy in what he wears.

Got it, New York? Let's cut out this Mean Girls adult bullying nonsense. No one's more desirable or fashionable than when they're giving someone else a sincere compliment.