Don't be a "Travel Widow"

Besides the single women who love to travel, there are as many married women who are “travel widows”. These are women married to or partnered with men who dislike travel, cannot travel or who would rather golf or hunt. Two-thirds of travelers today are women, reports the George Washington University School of Business. The travel and hospitality marketing firm MMGY Global analyzes the American traveler annually and in their 2013 study women were cited as the majority of US travelers.

Moodys in USA Today says that 50% of ALL disposable income is in the hand of Americans over 53. Put that with all of us “travel widows” and single gals. There is a lot of money to be spent on women’s travel groups. So why did we become ‘travel widows”?

Women today are acting more independently. We have become willing to stand up for what we want. In recent weeks sexual harassment headlines have encouraged women to be bolder. We read that famous women were abused just like we worker bees were. We are talking about what happened to us, and how we would handle it differently today? A new sense of self is pushing us to go for many things we always wanted. Travel experiences are high on our list.

Women like to learn. Many of us worked, brought up families, took care of our parents and did most of the housework. We never had the time to just sit back and learn. Boomers love the learning component of travel. We see this when everyone in a jet lagged group of women turns up to hear a speaker we hired. MMGY Global quantify that 65% of Americans’ favorite travel attractions in 2017 were art/history/museums. That is us more than it is men.

We outlive our menfolk or are healthier than they are. We are the generation who go to gyms/community center pools and walk our dogs long distances for fun. The growing fashion segment of work out clothes is due to us. All of us will recognize the following female conversation: “I walked 9000 steps today almost my goal”.

We have energy and we are using it in politics, charitable work, creative arts and adult ed. This Times headline is old (2007) but hilarious: Mr. Right, It Turns Out Does Not Take Classes. We are traveling with some of that pent up energy. TIAA says Men are more likely to be engaged in sports/working full or part-time/staying engaged in aspects of their career. Retirement for women, we believe, fits perfectly into a try at painting? Reading English literature in London? Enjoying a trip with museums in Italy?

To summarize, if you are a “travel widow”, there are plenty of us out there just like you. You are not selfish or different or over spending on yourself. You are not strange or neglectful of your partner. You are simply today’s woman who has earned her travel dreams.

The Women’s Travel Group offers smart tours for women in small groups. Most women come alone. Many are “travel widows” on their first trip as such.

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