Don't Be Afraid America, We Got This

3.2 million people marched on Washington this past weekend in the #WomensMarch. This peaceful protest was the largest in United States history and it happened to take place on President Trump's first day in office. There's some security to take in this. While the new Republican president may seem intimidating it's important to remember that change begins with us, the people.

The women's march was just the beginning. We're now an organized resistance to the politics of fear and isolation. Make no mistake, this is momentum. So encourage everyone who showed up on Saturday, to keep showing up. The next march can and should be organized by people in your community. Resistance isn't a one day thing. It's a commitment to stay on Trump's every move.

So here's your invitation: protect each other and make America a safe place for everyone. Believe in the future. The people of the United States must be united.

If you need a reminder take it from the radiant kids in this video from the Northern Light School. This spoken word poem, "Turn On Your Night-Light", shows the bright way ahead for all of us. If these young students understand that there's a problem in America and are asking for change, certainly you can understand as well.

Join the call for peaceful unity, become a light that leads the way forward through darkness.