Let's Talk About Sex: Don't Be Afraid To Speak Your Mind (VIDEO)

Today, there are around 4.2 million websites that contain porn. (That’s roughly 12% of the entire internet!) Yet, less than half of US states currently mandate sex and HIV education. Kids are clearly being exposed to sexual content, but in a space devoid of healthy scientific dialogue. So this week, I’d like to take some time to focus on how we communicate about sexuality.

What is the most effective way to learn about sexuality? What is the most appropriate age to discuss sexual issues with children? Does abstinence only education work? How effective is state mandated sex education? And what effect does sexual communication really have on a relationship?

I think science has shied away from studying human sexual interaction in general because of its taboo and ostensibly immeasurable nature. But it's because of scientific curiosity that many things have been learned about the human sexual experience.

For example, do you know what's actually occurring during vaginal lubrication? Well, when both men and women are sexually excited, blood is shunted to their genitals. Females have a large capillary bed behind their vaginal walls that is semi-permeable to blood, allowing the clear portion of that blood to flow through. Hence, "getting wet." Without scientific inquiry, I sincerely doubt anyone would have figured that one out. And now, it’s going to be all you think about the next time you have sex. Sorry!

So, what do you want to talk about? Hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, or leave your comments right here on my blog. Come on, talk nerdy to me!

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