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Don't Be Like Kate! He Forgets You? Forget Him!

No one could be more unforgettably gorgeous and stylish than starlet Kate Hudson -- so why do her boyfriends keep forgetting about her?
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No one could be more unforgettably gorgeous and stylish than starlet Kate Hudson -- so why do her boyfriends keep forgetting about her? Most recently, Hudson endured the indignity of being turned away from a VIP area because boyfriend Matt Bellamy -- lead singer of Muse -- "forgot" to put her name on the guest list.

A man who really likes a woman will not forget about her -- will not forget to call when he said he would, will not forget he had a date with her, will not forget to put her name on a list, will not forget it's Valentine's Day, will not forget her birthday, will not forget her number... he will not forget! But the man who's not that into you? He'll forget -- a clear red flag, and one once waved should be your signal to forget about him. Cross him off your list. Let him go. Don't agonize. In a word: Next!

Unfortunately, the 31-year-old actress has seemed to make something of a second career in ignoring such signals, falling fast and hard for her men, which in turn makes them take her for granted and feel suffocated by her. The result: a string of very brief and bumpy flings. And the pattern seems to be spiraling out of control, leading to increased public embarrassment, and certainly private heartache.

After a six year marriage to Chris Robinson (singer for The Black Crowes), she began an on-again-off-again relationship with Owen Wilson (one of the break-ups preceded his suicide attempt). She moved on to date comedian Dax Shepard for a few months. A summer romance with Lance Armstrong ended sadly when he dumped her. Despite claiming she wanted to be single for as long as possible in December of '08, she rushed headlong and hot and heavy into a relationship with NY Yankee Alex Rodriguez, which he ended after six months.

So, now she's dating Bellamy, and if past is prologue, that will last for another few weeks or couple of months, and then he'll "need his space." Hudson could save herself precious time -- and emotional tranquility -- by reading the writing on the wall, or better yet, reading The Rules by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider. She could start right now, either practicing on Bellamy, or the next man who will surely be around the corner, with the following.

  • Not acting like a groupie by flying around the globe to see his shows (she should let him come to her).
  • Not flying off to meet his kids after only one date, as she did with Lance Armstrong.
  • Not saying "I love you" first like she reportedly did with Lance Armstrong (kiss of death).
  • Not moving in with men, as she did after dating Chris Robinson for just four days.
  • Not inviting men you're dating on a vacation -- certainly not with your extended family -- as she did with Dax Shepard, after dating only a couple weeks!

Fortunately, Kate's got a full life, a wonderful son, a thriving career and a loving family -- she should concentrate on being happy, busy, independent, and not so focused on the men in her life. Above all, she should stop chasing men -- let them chase her until she catches them for good!