Don't Be Silent About What Matters

Inspired by my dear friend Mary Alice Stephenson I share something I wrote last week-because I agree- it's important to not be silent.

These frames sit on my desk. I share this photo because I am not "Political". I appreciate GREAT leaders. I am not a Democrat(My Mom is). I am not a Republican(My Dad is). I am an American. I am an American who believes in spreading love so that there is no room for hate. I believe that leaders should unify, inspire and connect.

I believe that we should learn from 9/11, by honoring every single life lost in a meaningful way. As someone who narrowly survived gun violence I believe that semi-automatic rifles should never be in the hands of civilians. I also believe that people like my Dad (a hunter, and a veteran) should be able to own a gun. I believe that ALL lives matter and that we must do a better job of accepting, acknowledging and including all individuals for who they are. I believe that women are equal to men and should be treated as such in ALL facets of our lives. I believe that sexual abuse, trafficking and crimes against women are unacceptable, incomprehensible and must stop and be brought to everyone's forefront. I believe that violence never solves anything, and neither does mean-spirited behavior. I believe that we must all choose to love one another, all people, for that is what each of us ultimately want. I believe that if we start building walls in 2016 we are forgetting how almost all of us got here in the first place.