This 'Don't Breathe' Deleted Scene Finally Explains Some Things

The clip provides a clear motive for the burglaries.

Earlier this year, “Don’t Breathe” became a surprise summer hit, grossing over $150 million worldwide on a budget that was reportedly less than $10 million. But despite the success of this home invasion horror film, the full motive that drove these burglaries has remained a mystery. 

Warning — spoilers below!

The movie centers around three young characters ― Rocky, Alex and Money ― who break into houses that Alex’s father is supposed to be protecting with his security company. Rocky needs the money to escape a bad family situation, but it’s not entirely clear why Alex would exploit his father in such a damaging way.

Unlike Rocky, Alex doesn’t appear to have an unbearable life at home. While watching the movie, you have to guess your own theories as to why he would do such a thing.

But now, in this exclusive deleted scene provided to HuffPost to highlight the Blu-ray & DVD release of “Don’t Breathe” on Nov. 29, you can finally make sense of what Alex was thinking.

In the clip, Alex speaks with his father, who tells him that he doesn’t have enough money to give him for law school. After dejectedly looking down and rejecting his father’s idea to become a cop, Alex responds, “What if I got the money myself?” 


Watch the deleted scene:



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