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The 2015 Oscar Best Picture Nominees, Recreated By Adorable Little Girls

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, so it's time for celebrity interviews, red carpet dress fittings, outcome speculation... and cute kids posing as the nominees.

Back in 2012, mom Maggie Storino created the viral tumblr "Don't Call Me Oscar," where she posts pictures of her daughters recreating posters and stills from Academy Award-nominated movies. This year, 4-year-old Sophia and 3-year-old Sadie tackled the 2015 Best Picture nominees with their usual dose of adorable perfection.

Though the girls are too young to see the movies themselves, Storino told The Huffington Post that they love getting dressed up and recreating the images. Sadie's favorite was "Birdman" while Sophia enjoyed posing as J.K. Simmons in "Whiplash."

In fact, Sadie and Sophia love dressing up so much that their parents had to make a a new rule in the house: "No costumes until after breakfast."

Keep scrolling to see the Storino sisters take on "Whiplash," "The Imitation Game," and more.

The Grand Budapest Hotel
Courtesy Fox Searchlight/Don't Call Me Oscar
The Imitation Game
Courtesy The Weinstein Company/Don't Call Me Oscar
Courtesy Fox Searchlight/Don't Call Me Oscar
The Theory of Everything
Courtesy Universal Pictures/Don't Call Me Oscar
Courtesy IFC Films/Don't Call Me Oscar
Courtesy Paramount Pictures/Don't Call Me Oscar
American Sniper
Courtesy Warner Bros./Don't Call Me Oscar
Courtesy Sony Pictures/Don't Call Me Oscar
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