'Don't Call Me Oscar' Tumblr: Mom Recreates 2013 Best Picture Nominees With Babies (PHOTOS)

Daniel Day-Lewis may have been incredible as Lincoln, but was he this?

Oscar nominee "Django Unchained" has been called "ferociously profane" and "disturbing," but the movie has certainly never been considered "cute." Until now, that is. A shot of 2-and-a-half-year-old Sophia Storino posed as Quentin Tarantino is so adorable that it's easy to forget this is a film filled with the actor/writer/director's trademark profanity and gore.

The image was made by mom of two Maggie Storino for her Tumblr "Don't Call Me Oscar" which went live last year with parody stills from all the best picture nominees. Now, Maggie is back with the 2013 versions, starring Sophia, Sophia's 1-year-old little sister Sadie, and their 2-year-old friend Hudson. The results are delightful -- even if you have no idea what any of the films are about because you haven't been to the movies since you had kids yourself. (Not that we know anything about that.)

Click through the slideshow below to see what "Argo", "Lincoln", and the like would look like with babies and toddlers in the lead roles. And make sure to check out last year's shots right here!

Don't Call Me Oscar