"Don't Cry For Me, Donald Trump Fans"

2015-11-27-1448629576-7622306-JuanPeron2.jpg 2015-11-27-1448629737-8472200-DonaldTrumpfascist.jpg

"Don't cry for me, Donald Trump fans.
The truth is, he is a bully.
A right-wing blowhard.
A racist bigot.
If he's elected
You'll be connected."

"Don't cry for me, one percenters.
The truth is, Trump's worth five billion.
He hates all poor folks.
And many more folks.
If he's elected
They'll be ejected."

"Don't cry for me, Fox News crazies.
The truth is, Trump's mostly your fault.
And the Tea Party.
And ol' Rush Limbaugh.
If he's elected
You'll be suspected."

"Don't cry for me, Bill O'Reilly.
The truth is, you're Trump's twin brother.
You may despise him.
But you're just like him.
In this election
He's your reflection."

"Don't cry for me, GOPers.
He's buying your nomination.
With his own money.
This isn't funny.
If he's elected
We're all affected."

"Don't cry for me, all non-voters.
We could have had Bernie Sanders.
We might get Donald
A right-wing nut job.
If he's elected
You'll be dejected."

(Music from "Evita" by Andrew Lloyd Webber; new words by Peter Dreier)

Peter Dreier, professor of politics at Occidental College, is the author of The 100 Greatest Americans of the 20th Century: A Social Justice Hall of Fame (Nation Books)

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