This Is Why You Shouldn't Skateboard Drunk

This Is Why You Shouldn't Skateboard Drunk

We've all been there: Go to the bar, have a few beers, maybe a shot or three. Funnel comes out, lights go off upstairs.

And then it's time to go home.

This is when you call a cab, have a friend arrange a taxi, or when your designated driver steps up and does his designated duties.

But in the absence of friends or cab fare, what does one do? Whatever you decide, don't skateboard home.

According to the video description on YouTube, the poster offered to get the skater a cab home, but he refused. Naturally, that's when the camera comes out.

It could have been a lot worse for the skater, who didn't last long on his board. Fortunately, he appears to have only suffered mild embarrassment, a weak face plant, and a wrecked deck.

Reddit described this as "unchoreographed perfection," although it's a little suspicious that the driver of the SUV that hits his skateboard doesn't immediately stop to see what he just collided with. Either way, this video is a pretty effective PSA.

Don't drink and skate, people.

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