Don't Fear the Trump. Vote Your Conscience.

Many of us who hold progressive ideals just can't get on board with that.

We'll gladly acknowledge that Hillary is good on women's issues (unless they're Saudi women) and children's issues (unless they're near drone targets).

We're proud that America could transfer power from the first black president to the first woman president (even if it was pre-ordained by Hillary's 2008 campaign director running the party's election process to the benefit of Hillary).

We can accept that she's got an accomplished resume (approved by Henry Kissinger and Dick Cheney, even!).

The Dems know this. My tinfoil hat tells me Trump was manufactured by Clinton Foundation promises so that Hillary would have an opponent she could beat.

And, like the January 1973 National Lampoon cover, "If you don't buy this magazine, we'll kill this dog", Trump is the gun and the dog is America, and we're told by the DNC to Vote Hillary or the dog gets it.

No. I won't. And I won't be extorted with threats of President Trump and his two or three SCOTUS picks.

Look, if Trump is the horrible, out of his depth, racist criminal huckster we are supposed to fear, then how is it the Congress and the people will sit idly by while he rampages through Washington?

See, I lived through the first President Clinton, and I remember the government being shut down and him being impeached over a blowjob.

So, why wouldn't an out of control Trump face impeachment?

The GOP stablishment doesn't like him. The Democrats despise him. If he's as terrible as threatened, he'll commit some high crime or misdemeanor worthy of impeachment. Hell, the Trump U case may do it for us.

The GOP may be especially interested in impeachment if he continues to destroy the brand with the non-white-male demographic. Imagine them seeing a 2018 electoral debacle that turns the Congress and more statehouses Democrat. Imagine them facing an even-less-white-male 2020 demographic with an incumbent Trump vs Elizabeth Warren... if not impeached, then they'll primary him.

Now cue the Dem blackmailers who will now evoke the specter of Ralph Nader. They'll tell you how he cost Gore the election, ignoring that:

  1. Gore lost his home state of TN, which would've given him the win;
  2. Gore lost Bill Clinton's home state of AR, ditto;
  3. every third party pulled enough Florida votes to swing the election;
  4. 200,000 Florida Democrats voted for Bush;
  5. Gore blew it in the recounts by only calling for some counties to recount and ignoring overvotes, opening the door for SCOTUS to rule as they did;
  6. Bill poisoned the electoral waters with a stupid blowjob scandal and Gore cemented the frame with his sloppy French kiss of Tipper at the Convention; and
  7. because of that scandal, Gore, the incumbent VP, then ran away from the positives (great economy, low unemployment, relative peace and prosperity) of his own Administration.

The only way I could support the Hillary Clinton ticket is if she picked Elizabeth Warren as VP and an FBI indictment of Hillary is announced prior to the election and she drops out. I'm voting my conscience, though I haven't decided if that's a vote for the Libertarian Johnson/Weld ticket or a write-in for Bernie Sanders.