Don't Forget This When You Feel Overwhelmed

This past week I was in Florida completing some work for the college. It had been a busy couple of days, and I had a lot on my mind. I was trying to resolve quite a few issues, checking on college finances as we quickly approach the end of the fiscal year and finalizing plans for graduation. My head was swirling with things I needed to complete.

On this particular day I was attending a luncheon and sat down at my table thinking about all these different things and getting ready to speak to the group attending the luncheon. The Toccoa Falls College choir was at this luncheon event and started to sing. They sang a very familiar song called "Great Is Thy Faithfulness." Many of you are very familiar with this old hymn of the church.

In 1925 Thomas Chisholm wrote this wonderful song. Chisholm led what many of us would call a very ordinary life. He was born in a log cabin in Kentucky. He entered the ministry at age 36 but retired after just one year because of poor health. Chisholm spent the rest of his life working as a life-insurance salesman. But even with his desk job he wrote almost 1,200 poems and published several hymns. Here is what Chisholm said toward the end of his life:

My income has not been large at any time due to impaired health in the earlier years which has followed me on until now. Although I must not fail to record here the unfailing faithfulness of a covenant-keeping God and that He has given me many wonderful displays of His providing care, for which I am filled with astonishing gratefulness.

So hearing the Toccoa Falls College choir sing this wonderful hymn, I found myself remembering that God is always faithful. I again remembered that I don't need to do everything myself. God has been unbelievably faithful throughout my life. I am reminded of these lines from the hymn:

Pardon for Sin and a peace that endureth,

Thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide,

Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow

Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside!

So next time you start to get overwhelmed with the daily pressures of life, just remember the wonderful faithfulness of our God. If you are a follower of Christ, He has always been there for you and always will see you through whatever you are facing.

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