Don't Forget to Thank the Forgotten Team Members

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It is a busy world we live in and as humans we tend to forget to give thanks to the people around us who contribute to our work. While it can be easy to remember to thank your fellow doctors and collegues, there is a whole team of imperative individuals who often go unnoticed. These people are our anesthesia technologists, our preoperative technologists, our custodial staff, and everyone in between. Without the dedication and effort brought forth by these individuals, our job as health care providers would be nearly impossible. I would like to extend a hand now, and not only thank, but recognize the people in our lives who make our work possible. Thank you to everybody on this list. These individuals are not doctors or professors, they are staff members at the University of Toledo Medical Center. They are the core, the fabric of our health care system—they take care of our patients directly and indirectly. We thank them for their service and their passion to strive for excellent patient care.

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